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Cultural Competence? That’s Unheard Of.

Prepare to be challenged. Prepare to be informed. Prepare to be…prepared. Welcome to That’s Unheard Of, a simple resource for keeping up with cultural competence for your practice. This site was created to help you know what you don’t know – to fill gaps in your soft skills and increase your hard knowledge when it comes to working with an increasingly diverse population.

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The Knowledge You Want

It’s the information you might not have considered. The best practices you may not know. Or the guidelines that have changed. All those things that may be unheard of to you – all in one place.

The Tools You Need

Videos. Quizzes. Role-play. New challenges require new tools – whether to help you assess your own gaps, or to help achieve better outcomes.

The Care You Provide

These tools and this knowledge will give you a deeper understanding of the impact of culture, and help you better connect with clients, patients, and students.

Better Information. Better Insight. Better Outcomes.

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See For Yourself.

Culture can have an significant impact on not only how you deliver care, but also on how it’s received.

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Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Our interactive online self-assessment tool will give you a clear sense of where you stand, and help you identify knowledge gaps on your path to cultural competence.

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The Right Tools, For The Outcomes You Want.

From prepping your patients to understanding family structure and cultural traditions, get the tools you need to provide the best experience, all-around.


Check Yourself!

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Have You HEARD?

Factoid cards to sort, share with friends, make a game and help you know what you don’t know. Make your own. Grab a friend and get started today!

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